About us

Through its subsidiaries Budget Energie (www.budgetenergie.nl) and Elegant (www.elegant.be), Nuts Groep supplies electricity and gas at approximately 800.000 connection points in the Netherlands and Belgium. The group expects to generate € 360 million in revenues for 2017 (2016: € 308 million), and has some 160 employees.

Nuts Groep strives for further growth in the Benelux, both organically as well as by acquisitons. Our focus is on the non-physical (administrative) part of the energy value chain.


In the coming years Nuts Group will simplify the energy market and push for it's competitive edge.

Our subsidiaries will be in the forefont of this mission.

By doing so we aim to become the number 4 supplier of energy in both the Flemish and the Dutch market. 


Automation and the installation of smart meters will help to make the supply of energy much easier in the coming years. As a result, new parties will enter the market and the established businesses will become increasingly better organized.

Efficiency is what will make the difference in this challenging market. Our subsidiairies achieve this through automation and a continuous focus on simplification and scaling.


Investment policy

The companies within the Nuts Groep operate throughout the entire 'downstream' energy value chain in Belgium and the Netherlands. In addition to organic growth we aim to expand through acquisitions and taking up minority stakes in existing businesses.

The board

Sjef Peeraer - CEO Sjef Peeraer - CEO
Marten Eikelboom - CCO Marten Eikelboom - CCO
Robert Vet - CFO Robert Vet - CFO
Floris de Haes - CIO Floris de Haes - CIO
Maarten de Cuyper - CEO Belgium Maarten de Cuyper - CEO Belgium

Budget Energie

Budget Energie (www.budgetenergie.nl) supplies electricity and gas as efficiently as possible. With more than 250.000 customers, it is one of the larger low-cost energy suppliers of the Netherlands.

Elegant (www.elegant.be) supplies locally generated green electricity and gas to appriximately 130.000 Belgian households. The company has a long-term price strategy of transparently following the wholesale price of electricity and gas. In the end, this results in a lower price for the customer.



For our company Budget Energie we are looking for a skilled PHP Developer that has experience with the Symfony framework. You will be working in an international team of professionals, within an IT department of about 30 employees.

We encourage innovation, sharing knowledge with others and we provide a fun, but respectful environment to work in. We strive to make your role both challenging and rewarding. We invest in training to keep our employees up to date with new technologies and skills.

Contact Us

Visiting address: 

Vijzelstraat 20

1017HK Amsterdam

Telephone: 020-2050973

Email: info@nutsgroep.nl