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The Nuts Groep provides low cost and hassle-free energy and telecom services with various brands in The Netherlands and Belgium. In 2008 we started as an energy supplier and have now transformed into a supplier of multi-utility services. We supply our multi-utility services under the umbrella brand 'Budget Thuis'. The sub brands are 'Budget Energie' (electricity and gas), 'Budget Alles-in-1' (broadband, TV and telephony) and 'Budget Mobiel' (sim only). Together with ‘NLE’ and ‘Elegant’ we provide energy, broadband and mobile services to around 950,000 households in the Netherlands and Belgium. Turnover figures for 2019 are approximately € 800 million. Since 2017, investment company Waterland has a share of 50% in the Nuts Groep.


Provide households with low cost and hassle-free energy and telecom services.


Some services you just have to have at home. Broadband internet for example. And electricity and gas. Otherwise nothing works. It usually doesn't matter who supplies it, as long as it works and costs as little as possible.

Founder Sjef Peeraer

“Most customers don't want to be involved with their gas and electricity bills, it’s a so called low interest product: they want to spend as little time and money as possible on these services. When we started 10 years ago, energy wasn’t such a commodity as it is now; electricity and gas were a lot more expensive and a few large players dominated the market. So Marten, Floris, Robert and I started Budget Energie with the brand promise to provide energy at the lowest possible price. Hence, our ‘Budget’ name. In addition, we wanted to bother our customers as little as possible, and underlined this with our communications statement ‘Cut the crap’. With our low cost strategy we did as much in-house as possible and always looked for creative solutions. This philosophy was continued when we expanded our product portfolio to include internet, TV, fixed telephony and mobile telephony. Products and services that you must have as a household. But where you prefer to spend as little time as possible. And of course pay as little as possible.”


In 2008 Nuts Groep (Dutch for 'Utility Group') started as an energy company. First with Atoomstroom, an electricity brand for nuclear power. After the 2011 tsunami in Japan and subsequent Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, nuclear energy became unsaleable. We therefore converted Atoomstroom into Budget Energie, a price fighter selling green electricity and gas. After Waterland Investments became 50% owner in 2017, NLE (Nederlandse Energie Maatschappij) was acquired in 2018. This was the first step towards a broader service provision. In addition to energy, NLE also supplied internet, television and fixed telephony under the name NLEx. In 2019, the multi-utility strategy was accelerated by the acquisition of Robin Mobile and the product portfolio was expanded to include mobile telephony. There was a need for an umbrella brand for a wider range of services. That is why the umbrella brand Budget Thuis was launched in January 2020. NLEx continued under the new name "Budget All-in-1" (Internet, TV and Calling) and Robin Mobile was renamed "Budget Mobile" (Sim Only).
Caroline Princen - CEO

The board

Caroline Princen - CEO Caroline Princen - CEO
Wilbert Schutrups - CFO Wilbert Schutrups - CFO

Organisation & Culture

The Nuts Groep employs more than 650 employees at various locations and in retail (MediaMarkt). The head office is located in the center of Amsterdam. In addition, the Nuts Groep has offices in Rotterdam and Mechelen (Belgium).

The Nuts Groep is characterized by an open culture that attracts, retains and inspires talent. We have developed a truly diverse team with a ‘no nonsense’ and ‘can do’ mentality. We highlyand doing it ourselves, because rely on our own people and capabilities. We try to do a little better every day and make sustainable energy and good telecom services affordable for everyone.

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Budget Thuis
Budget Energie
Budget Mobiel
Budget Alles-in-1
Energy Global


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